1963 - Founded by the Brothers ACERBI, began its activities in a small store in Rua Lopes de Oliveira, 448 - Barra Funda, São Paulo, SP where it commercialized rubber products in general. The small shop served at the counter and made the distribution of original auto parts, mainly for the concessionaires of the city of São Paulo.

1966 - In the desire to expand the business, one of the partners, Mr. Edeward started the expansion and started traveling through the interior of SP, by train, to win new customers. The beginning was his hometown, Jahu.

1978 - Start of the trajectory of products with own brand, prioritizing the sealing line (windshields, windows and doors) and suspension kits.

1996 - Creation of Jahu Import, whose objective was to sell parts for imported vehicles.

1997 - Constant growth caused Jahu to leave the previous space to occupy a larger area, located at Rua Robert Bosch, 280 - Barra Funda. This meant improvement in customer service, in addition to the expansion of the range of operations, increasing from 5,000 to 8,000 products sold.

1998 - Launch of new items of own brand as the additive for radiators and the line of brake pads for domestic and imported vehicles. Expanded product line for truck parts. 1st Edition of the "Biggest and Best in Auto Parts Distribution" survey by Ed. Novo Meio, where Jahu won in the Rubber Components category. Participation of the VIII National Fair of Auto Parts and Vehicles of Ceará (Autop) - 170 booth and 46,000 visitors.

1999 - 7,000 products between rubber parts and metal and plastic components for light and heavy vehicles; total computerization and bar code system being deployed and more than 12,000 registered customers all over Brazil.

2000 - Launch of the Illustrated Light Line Catalog, edition 2001.

2003 - In January began work of expansion of 1,200 m2 of the warehouse area. 12,000 items and 12 product lines with its own brand and, in total, more than 16,000 products marketed. Many reasons to celebrate: Jahu arrives at its fortieth anniversary with tradition in the market, treating its customers and suppliers with honesty and fair price, being recognized by the quality of the products marketed.

2005 - Beginning of expansion works in the inventory area at its headquarters in São Paulo. Participation in the events Automec (São Paulo / SP) and Autonor (Recife / PE) 2006 - Elected for the ninth consecutive year, the largest and best Autoparts distributor in Brazil, in the Rubber segment, in the states RJ / ES / MG. Inauguration of the 1st Branch in the state of Pernambuco.

2007 - Lançamento da Edição 2007 do Catálogo de Produtos, contendo mais de 22.000 itens em borrachas e Autopeças. Participação na Automec 2007. Eleita pelo 10º ano consecutivo na pesquisa “Maiores e Melhores em Distribuição de Autopeças”, feita pela Ed. Novo Meio.

2008 - Complete 45 years of glorious existence by placing at the disposal of its clients and representatives the highest technology. Participation with its representatives in the acquisition of notebooks and palms. Separation of fully automated goods (the first vertical shutlle in the automotive aftermarketing of Brazil). WI-FI data collectors making order fulfillment more efficient. Acquires in Switzerland the Miniload, the most modern equipment for storage (the first of Brazil's automotive aftermarketing). Expansion of the storage area.

2010 - Elected for 13 consecutive years in the "Biggest and Best in Auto Parts Distribution" survey as the first in suspension rubber components, the first in rubber trim components, the second in fixation components and hardware. It is among the 10 best auto parts companies in Brazil. (Research done by Ed. Novo Meio). Inauguration of the 1st Branch in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

2011 - Complete 48 years and celebrate with your employees at a JAHUNINA party.

2012 - Launch of the 2012 Edition of the Product Catalog, containing more than 25,000 items in rubbers and auto parts. Launch of the 2012 Edition of the Accessories Catalog. Inauguration of the 1st Branch in the state of Minas Gerais.

elebrate 50 years together with all its employees in style.

2014 - Launch of the 2014/15 Edition of the Product Catalog, containing more than 33,000 items in rubbers and auto parts. Launch of the 2014 Edition of the Accessories Catalog.

2015 - Launch of the Electronic Catalog.

2016 - Launching the Heavy Line Catalog / Utilities.

2017 - Participation Fair Automec. Expansion of the best brands in the market.

2018 - Complete 55 years. Inauguration of the São Paulo Branch.

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